9 Best Crypto Trading Bots and Trading Strategies Arbitrage Grid DCA Martingale Bot in 2022

Whether you are new to the crypto market or an experienced trader, you have certainly heard about crypto trading bots. While you would think that these sorts of cryptocurrency trading tactics are just for professional traders, automated crypto trading is possible for even inexperienced traders. You will want to choose the greatest crypto trading bot regardless of your trading expertise. But which is the finest cryptocurrency bot? There are both free and paid crypto bots, each with its advantages.

What is Crypto Trading Bot?

A crypto trading bot is software that analyzes cryptocurrency markets, and places buy and sell orders on the trader’s behalf. It is a crypto trading method that uses technical analysis and algorithmic trading rules to execute transactions at the best moment to generate profit for the user. Trading bots for cryptocurrencies follow preprogrammed and algorithmic trading principles. Their decisions are based on market price swings, and they examine market variables such as price, volume, time, and orders. 

The greatest crypto trading bots are frequently fine-tuned by their customers to match their specific trading needs. Even the greatest crypto bot may cause losses for its users if left to their own devices; therefore, even if automated bots perform the work for you, they must be monitored and maintained. Let’s look at the best trading bots available in the market.

Pionex: Best Exchange-Built Bots

Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange with trading bots built in. There are 18 distinct trading bots available, and registration is free. These bots enable you to automate your investment approach, removing the need for you to watch the market continually. Pionex has low trading commissions and a fully functional mobile app. Pionex is an excellent choice for high-volume, mobile investors.

Pionex offers manual trading via crypto-to-crypto conversions, but its main feature is its trading bot selection. When certain pre-defined market conditions are satisfied, a cryptocurrency trading bot is an automated software that executes buy and sell orders with no operator input. The available trading bot features are:

  • Grid Trading Bot enables users to purchase cheap and sell high within a given price range.
  • Grid Bot with Leverage delivers up to 5x leverage.
  • The Spot-Futures Arbitrage bot assists individual investors in earning passive income with no risk. This strategy’s anticipated return is 1550 percent APR.
  • Martingale bot does DCA buy and one-time sale to profit from volatility.
  • The rebalancing bot assists you in hoarding coins.
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) Bot Schedules repeated purchases at regular intervals to compensate for volatility.

Furthermore, the Smart Trade terminal allows traders to establish stop-loss, take-profit, and trailing stops in a single trade. Pionex has a maker-taker fee structure, which means you’ll be charged a fee when you place trades that “create” liquidity on the market and “take” liquidity away from the market. If an outstanding order on the books doesn’t immediately match your trade, you’ll be charged a 0.05 % maker fee. If you place a trade order promptly matched with an outstanding transaction, you will be charged a taker fee of 0.05 %.

Ichibot: Best Free Trading Bot

Ichibot is more of a tool than a bot because it is only accessible via the command-line interface and does not make trading choices on its own. It’s a tool for trading strategy formulation for individuals who prefer coding to clicks. Users may create complex trading strategies for Binance and FTX and then execute them in real-time to capitalize on market fluctuations. 

  • The Ichibot is accessible on Binance, FTX, Bybit, and GlobeDX.
  • It is the best free trading bot available.
  • The programming language CLI (Command Line Interface) used by Ichibot is written in typescript.

Gunbot: Best for Coders

Gunbot, also known as Gunthy, is compatible with Windows, Linux, ARM, and Mac. It is utilized by over 6000 active traders and is recognized for keeping user privacy first. This is not a cloud-based service; instead, the Gunbot bot software may be installed on your device. It does not collect any data about your usage, which is reassuring given how many other applications collect data on every activity we make.

The most recent version of Gunbot does not need many resources, and new features are updated regularly. Recent additions include Kraken FX trading pair support, complete Binance futures support, and a revised trading strategy. It can operate on older laptops or a Raspberry Pi if you have one. For your convenience, you may also make payments using Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum. The Gunbot has

  • Built-in trading strategies
  • Strong customization
  • You can take advantage of a Lite Gubot version, incorporating limited features for experimenting with lower amounts.
  • Gunbot can also function on more than 100 supported exchangers.

CryptoHero: Best Bot for Beginning Traders

CryptoHero allows you to automate trades from your phone for free quickly. No coding knowledge is required. Using bots based on technical indications, you may trade prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum around the clock. CryptoHero supports numerous exchanges and allows you to track your cryptocurrency trading performance individually or aggregated across exchanges using a single app. Technical indications can be added to bots. Without creating a single line of code, you may enter a transaction with one and depart with another. Furthermore, CryptoHero is:

  • Presets for common technical indicators and allows numerous rules and triggers to collaborate.
  • Backtest is available before deploying your bots; you may test them with previous data.
  • Obtain an estimate of your trading bot’s performance based on actual data from varied trading frequencies across periods of up to a year.

Stoic: Best for Long-Term Portfolio Strategy

The stoic trading bot is a crypto exchange platform that specializes in automated crypto investing. It works with a profitable trading exchange and assists you in overcoming FOMO and FUD. You may manage your cryptocurrency portfolio with ease. Furthermore, according to several surveys, many individuals believe that automatic crypto trading is more efficient, which stoic excels in. You may quickly link your Binance account to Stoic to begin automated trading.

The Stoic collects data from financial projections, which ML models analyze before sending signals. These crypto signals are then utilized to construct trading techniques. Furthermore, Cindicator launches a long-only index strategy for the top 30 cryptocurrencies and regularly rebalances for consistent and progressive portfolio management. It also provides:

  • Frequent rebalancing.
  • Hedge-fund quant methods that have been well vetted.
  • A suitably secured execution application.

CryptoHopper: Best All-Around

The CryptoHopper is a cloud-based crypto trading bot that uses an algorithmic programmed trading method and allows users to execute smart trades using external signals. It is compatible with nine major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase, OKEX, KuCoin, Binance, Kraken, and Huobi.

It allows you to use both free and paid signals from various sources. It is owned and operated out of Amsterdam, Netherlands, and employs over 30 trading indicators and 90 candle patterns. It works around the clock and trades several cryptocurrencies (75 in particular) in addition to Bitcoin. The available feature is:

  • Stochastic, RSI, Bollinger Bands, and a variety of additional indicators
  • Backtesting bots, programmable and savable templates, trailing stops, and customizable technical indicators are examples of trading tools.
  • It is web-based, and there are no mobile or desktop applications available.

Trality: Best for Python

Trality offers great tools for creating a bot, which you can then use to trade on exchanges via APIs. Using automation, Crypto traders may avoid losses caused by emotional bias, blunders, and sluggish and inadequate analysis. Trality allows you to create trading methods for selling or employing bots to trade cryptocurrency in various marketplaces.

The platform provides simple bot construction tools with an easy code editor and simple drag-and-drop bot building tools. It is, however, most useful for Python experts, though beginner traders might benefit from it as well. The Rule Builder enables you to create a trading algorithm without coding knowledge. The features available are:

  • Paper trading and backtesting techniques
  • Four exchanges are supported: Binance, BitPanda, Coinbase Pro, and Kraken.
  • There is a smartphone app available.

3Commas: Best Bot for Advanced Traders

3Commas allows you to create automatic trading bots and trade with them on the majority of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, in fact, 22 cryptocurrency exchanges. You may use this to implement dollar-cost averaging algorithms and integrate TradingView to get alerts from third sources.

Portfolio analysis and copy trading are other options, with the latter being suggested for both novice and experienced traders. This cryptocurrency trading bot is quite popular, with over 3,000 users and a more than $10 million daily trading volume. The available features are:

  • Using risk management measures, customers may purchase and sell several digital currency pairs using the Smart Trade trading panel.
  • It lets you create several order types such as limit, trailing, market, take profit, stop loss, etc.
  • The iOS and Android mobile devices are supported.

Shrimpy: Best Social Trading Bot

Shrimpy is a portfolio management and trading software that allows users to trade and maintain their portfolios across several exchanges from a single interface. You may manage and trade assets in 16 different markets. Trade automation or crypto bot trading is also done using various indicators and methods on the platform.

Shrimpy allows you to social trade by tracking other users’ deals. This benefits both new traders and those looking to make commissions by posting social trades. You may check other people’s portfolio allocations across digital currencies by monitoring their trades. You may view the number of followers, daily/weekly/monthly performance, chart visualizations, and when the investor was active for the individuals, you follow. The available features are:

  • Before launching automated portfolio allocation techniques, use the backtesting function to test your bots.
  • Any affiliate payments will earn you a 50% commission for the first three months.
  • You can create a demo account for testing the platform.
  • There is no mobile support.

Best Crypto Bot Trading Strategies

Like trading in stocks and commodities, Crypto trading is fraught with risks and pitfalls. To reap long-term rewards from crypto trading, market participants must devise strategies that make trading enjoyable and risk-free. Let us begin by discussing strategies that might assist you in obtaining favorable results.

Arbitrage Bots

Buying something in one location at a reduced price and selling it in another location at a higher price is an example of arbitrage. Arbitrage in the cryptocurrency space can be carried out in various ways. Check out Pionex’s spot futures arbitrage bot, on the other hand, if you’re looking for risk-free arbitrage opportunities.

Grid Bots

Grid bots provide you the ability to engage in high-frequency trading. Grid bots compete against other traders at extremely narrow price ranges and attempt to generate a profit for you. The pricing range and the layouts of the grid are up to you.

Martingale Bots

The Martingale Bot operates in an automated cycle mode; after you purchase the dips and take profit, it will immediately go on to the next round. The parameters have their values set uniquely for each round.

DCA Bots

A DCA (or “Dollar Cost Averaging”) strategy is the practice of investing in a currency at regular periods to lower the entry price of a position over time and reduce volatility risk. For example, when you take a position with a lump-sum investment (all-in), you risk buying “highs” only to see the price fall and wind up with a losing position that you must decide whether to retain or cut at a loss.

However, if you DCA, you may divide your investment into smaller portions and buy the asset at multiple periods overtime at different prices, resulting in a better average price for your position and considerably decreasing risks from volatility’s implications. The 3Commas is the best example of a DCA bot.

Final Thoughts

Crypto trading bots are innovative trading tools that may significantly boost your earnings if utilized appropriately. Several free and paid bots and techniques are available, and selecting the best crypto trading bot is critical to your success. When looking for the best crypto trading bot, choose the one with the most desirable features. You want one that is less expensive, enables backtesting of automated trading techniques, and, most importantly, supports different indicators and trading systems. The ideal crypto trading bots are those that you may use for free before subscribing to subscription services. This allows you to test if they function. Start trading with crypto trading bots today and earn huge profits!